Advanced Psychometric Profiling

Drives informed action through advanced psychometric profiling techniques, improving both individual and organizational decisions.

Innovation with Predictive Psychology

We merge the science of predictive psychology with advanced technologies to create innovative and competitive solutions in the digital world.

Meaningful Relationships in a Digital World

We go beyond omnichannel, unlocking the unique psychology of each customer to drive business results and build authentic relationships.

Empowering Careers with a Psychometric Approach

We link the development of competencies with psychometric profiling, broadening perspectives and strengthening professional skills in a comprehensive manner.

Welcome to Innzpira

We develop innovations that combine the human mind and new technologies.

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why we are the best

Innovation that sets us apart
Discover why we are the best at fusing innovation and technology to create solutions that make a difference. At INNZPIRA, we shape the future with a unique approach.
Technology experts, drivers of local results
Since 2015, we have been a leader in international people profiling. Our global expertise and local focus set us apart, generating results that really matter.
Creating meaningful connections, beyond technology
At INNZPIRA we don't just create technology, we create experiences. We connect people, transform lives and offer opportunities that go beyond the ordinary.
Innovation that inspires confidence and performance
Choose the best for innovation that inspires confidence. From accurate assessments to real-time measurement systems, at INNZPIRA, we are committed to raising your expectations.
Leading the way to sustainable success
We are leaders in forging paths to sustainable success. At INNZPIRA, we collaborate with you to build a future where every person and organization flourishes.
Somos HR

Technology and Innovation through our solutions

Aimed at the financial sector, Anny focuses on understanding the unique psychology of each customer. They transform omni-channel into an omni-relational model, unlocking customer psychology to improve business results and customer loyalty.

A mobile app designed to provide a unique networking experience at events and business rounds, using predictive psychology and artificial intelligence to connect people in a more meaningful way.

Aimed at professionals seeking to develop new competencies and obtain an International Certification in Integrative Coaching. They offer a program with a unique methodology, providing the opportunity to study directly with the author of Integrative Coaching.

HRX Talent is a Suite designed especially for Human Resources Areas, which helps to Identify and Enhance Talent in your organization.

Experts in profiling people to increase admission results in the world of higher education.

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