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Unlock Your Next Competitive Advantage
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We help companies personalise experiences to increase their revenue and reduce customer acquisition costs with our psychometric segmentation technology.

- Cutting-edge technology with the highest levels of security and protection of personal data.

Innzpira complies with the highest international standards of security and privacy, including GDPR, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001, ensuring protection for you, your company, and your clients, without regulatory risks in data handling.

Don't Change Your Platforms...
We Integrate with You

Three reasons to discover what Innzpira
can do for your company:

— Increase Your Growth, Retain Your Customers, and Transform Your Business

Unlock a New Competitive Advantage

74% of customers and 87% of employees feel companies do not know or adapt to them. Your company can capitalise on this dissatisfaction. Utilise our Predictive Psychology and Machine Learning profiling to understand people's psychology and transform your business results.

Total Protection of Personal Data

We adhere to the highest standards of information security and personal data protection, with our anonymisation system aligned with GDPR and ISO 27001 policies, ensuring total security.

Enhance Your Current Platforms

No need to migrate or use another platform. Our solution integrates via API into your technological stack, enhancing your current technology swiftly and effectively, improving decision-making and impacting results.

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Customer Experience​- Marketing & Sales - People Management​ - Product Development​ -
Customer Experience​- Marketing & Sales - People Management​ - Product Development​ -
Customer Experience​- Marketing & Sales - People Management​ - Product Development​ -

How Does Our Technology Work?

— We'll tell you in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Select the solution that suits your business challenges

Choose the solution you want to integrate into your business platforms and use our open API to start using it quickly and easily.

Step 2: Profile people directly on your platforms

Connect our anonymised profiling to your website, app, or chatbot to understand people's psychology, asking just a few questions.

Step 3: Receive analytics and recommendations on your management platforms

Get advanced analytics with new customer segmentations, decision-making recommendations, and automate your processes.

Some of our Clients

Discover some success stories

Facts kill stories...
We tell you concrete results

Your customers are the greatest asset of your organization, that's why we help you understand them, retain them, and improve your company's growth metrics.

+5 million people profiled

What our clients say

We help understand people to achieve better results.

"Innzpira has provided us with personalized profiling solutions that have revolutionized our approach to talent management at GlobalCorp. Thanks to their innovative technology, we've been able to recruit and retain top talent, driving our growth and business success."

María FernándezHuman Resources Director

"We are thrilled with the results we have achieved working with Innzpira. Their predictive marketing solutions have helped us better understand our customers and improve the effectiveness of our campaigns. I would recommend Innzpira to any company looking to enhance their marketing strategy!"

Carlos D. MartinezMarketing Manager

"Thanks to Innzpira, we have optimised our internal processes and improved the quality of care we provide to our patients. Their profiling solutions have been crucial in helping us make more informed and efficient decisions at HealthCare Solutions."

Miguel GarcíaOperations Director
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Experts in Predictive Psychology© and Machine Learning for Businesses

Your greatest advantage is knowing people

Those who best understand the minds of the people they serve will be better able to adapt and succeed in a competitive and ever-changing world. We help companies achieve this through our Predictive Psychology and Machine Learning solutions.

Solutions for the main
Business areas

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Customise and increase customer loyalty.

Discover what and how to sell to each type of customer.

Identify capabilities and build winning teams.

Discover the qualities your customers want.

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We Help You Make the Invisible Visible
Unlock Your Next Competitive Advantage

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